Rich Parr Ministries

About The Nashville Scout... Rich Parr

.....As the years progressed, he learned the sinful and perverted ways of the world. As he grew he learned there was a lot of money in sin.  After many years of skating on the edge of right and wrong, and short bouts of incarceration, the ice broke.  He found himself convicted of a major federal crime and facing 30 years in prison.


In 1981, he was led to the Lord while in a federal prison.  Through the grace of God he was released after only 27 months with no parole or further obligations to the Criminal Justice System.  


By 1986, Rich Parr had become a casting agent for Nationwide Casting, a Florida based talent Promotion Company.  He has worked on verbal film agreements with stars like Peter Lupus of “Mission Impossible,” Harvey Korman of “The Carol Burnett Show,” as well as Vic Taybeck of “Alice”, and Chuck Mitchell of “Porky’s” and “Porky’s II”

And now on this side of God's Saving Grace.....


Most people would say that Mr. Parr never had much of chance with a background of orphanages, foster homes, and eventually running away permanently at the age of 15 and living on the streets of New York City... but God changed all that, turning circumstances that Satan meant for his evil into Glory for God.


It is Mr. Parr's conviction and essence of his ministry that no life, no matter the circumstances, is beyond God's reach. He is a living testimony of this conviction.


God gave Rich a beautiful voice, but this Gift of God had been used by him and the world for 18 years to make money and obtain worldly possessions.  God has now reclaimed this treasure and Rich now shares his life in song and testimony. Many have been blessed and their lives changed through his singing and the story of what God can do with a life, by this world’s standards, deemed hopeless.


Rich now serves the Lord in music and testimony at churches and major network television stations all over the country and around the world.